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Female Founders is a podcast from WomELLE, hosted by Naghilia Desravines. Every business starts with just an idea that eventually leads to a successful business. On Female Founders Podcast, every week, Naghilia has a conversation with a female founder that will tell us about her journey from her first inspiration to launching and the steps she took to accomplish her goals. Listen to inspiring stories to help you along your founder journey!

Jul 13, 2022

Elena Isoldi Medici, Founder of 360° Impact Health, author, speaker, master health and life coach, has been working for more than a decade to liberate women from physical and emotional limitations, so they can have healthy, abundant lives without limits. With 360° Impact Health, Elena and her team aim to help women achieve this transition to their dream lives in a few short months, compared to the years they spent struggling, providing them with simple and sustainable tools that last them a lifetime. Her customized programs help women achieve optimal health by resolving the underlying root causes of thyroid, autoimmune, and hormone-related disorders.

Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about Elena’s journey and how 360° Impact Health is empowering women by providing support and constant motivation as they work toward their goals.

Today, you will learn about:

  • Elena’s early life
  • Her foray into health and life coaching
  • Idea behind 360° Impact Health
  • Approach toward health transformation

Key takeaways:

  • Taking charge of one’s health is key
  • Application of principles lead to a healthy, symptom-free body
  • Simple and sustainable tools last a lifetime


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