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Female Founders is a podcast from WomELLE, hosted by Naghilia Desravines. Every business starts with just an idea that eventually leads to a successful business. On Female Founders Podcast, every week, Naghilia has a conversation with a female founder that will tell us about her journey from her first inspiration to launching and the steps she took to accomplish her goals. Listen to inspiring stories to help you along your founder journey!

Sep 29, 2023

Liza Roeser, founder of FiftyFlowers, redefines floral industry dynamics through innovation. Her visionary leadership not only transforms the way flowers are experienced but also empowers customers with unparalleled floral choices and creativity.

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Sep 26, 2023

Melissa Rutherford, CEO of 1620 Partners, specializes in guiding organizations through complex compliance landscapes, offering 15+ years of international risk management experience. Expertise in cannabis, sustainability, and more.

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Sep 20, 2023

Tanya Stinson, Founder and Owner of Leaning Towards Change, LLC, is a renowned leader in healthcare quality and safety improvement. With expertise as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, she has successfully led impactful initiatives, mentored professionals, and transformed healthcare organizations.

Tanya Stinson...

Sep 13, 2023

Rachel Denise Fox, founder of You Go Girl, is an advocate empowering women and girls. She's also an entrepreneur, running a web development consulting firm and co-owning Fox Flooring.

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Sep 7, 2023

Anam Raza, the COO of The DUA Brand, turns fragrance dreams into reality. Juggling entrepreneurship, family, and growth, she's a visionary multitasker redefining success.

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