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Female Founders is a podcast from WomELLE, hosted by Naghilia Desravines. Every business starts with just an idea that eventually leads to a successful business. On Female Founders Podcast, every week, Naghilia has a conversation with a female founder that will tell us about her journey from her first inspiration to launching and the steps she took to accomplish her goals. Listen to inspiring stories to help you along your founder journey!

Jun 30, 2023

Kristin Demoranville is a visionary leader in cybersecurity, specializing in the unique challenges faced by the food industry. With a diverse background in technology, risk management, and operational resilience, she founded AnzenSage to provide specialized cybersecurity solutions. Her passion, expertise,...

Jun 28, 2023

Mariya Yurukova is the co-founder and CEO of Charity Search Group, with extensive experience in talent recruitment and management. She is dedicated to building diverse and impactful teams, promoting diversity and inclusion, and has raised over $20 million for nonprofits. Mariya is a respected speaker, mentor, and...

Jun 26, 2023

Sacha Awwa is a highly accomplished Chief Marketing Officer and founder of Sacha Awwa Marketing Group. With 19 years of expertise, she empowers small-to-mid-sized companies, driving growth through strategic marketing, analytics, and results-driven plans. Sacha's commitment to innovation and client success sets her...

Jun 23, 2023

Lori Zoss Kraska is a highly accomplished professional with over 22 years of expertise in revenue generation management, corporate sponsor support, and nonprofit consulting. As the Founder and CEO of Growth Owl, LLC, Lori is dedicated to empowering purpose-driven organizations and corporations globally in achieving...

Jun 21, 2023

Paula Wright is a renowned Transformation Catalyst, Spiritual Guide, and the visionary behind the Live Free Process. Her expertise empowers individuals to break free from stagnation and manifest their heart's desires using spiritual strategies.

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